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Man Finds 6-Month-Old Grandson's Coffin Floating in Water

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    Baby's Casket Found Floating In Grave

    A Tennessee family found their recently buried infant's casket floating in an open, water-filled grave, WMC reports. (Published Tuesday, May 30, 2017)

    After burying his 6-month-old grandson less than two weeks ago, a Memphis, Tennessee, man went to the cemetery to put flowers on the grave and discovered something disturbing.

    Tony Jones arrived at New Park Cemetery to see his grandson's coffin out of the ground, upside down, and floating in a water-filled grave, NBC affiliate WMC reported.

    Jones' grandson, Ashton Mackey, was buried a week and a half ago after the child died from cerebral palsy.

    "It just brought back all those feelings I had a couple of weeks ago and how disgraceful it is," Jones said.

    Jones thinks Ashton's casket was not buried properly and the heavy rain caused it to float out of the ground. The graves next to it, located in the section of the cemetery called Babyland, are intact.

    The family said the discovery of Ashton's coffin floating in the water traumatized them.

    They were able to put the casket upright and move it while they removed the water from the grave bucket by bucket. Then, after removing the water, they reburied the child - making sure to put plenty of dirt on top.

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