Years Later, Amtrak Station Still in Disrepair

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Repairmen work on the up escalator. Commuters say the Westwood Amtrak station has been plagued with problems for years.
An escalator sits with its guts out at the Route 128/University Park Amtrak station in Westwood, Massachusetts. Riders say it’s been out of service for weeks.
Commuters say the northeast corridor is one of Amtrak’s most profitable lines and all of the equipment should work.
Publicly-posted inspection certificates for all of the elevators and escalators at Westwood are expired.
Amtrak admits this elevator has been out of service “for several years.”
The Plant Exchange
When both elevators are out, advocates for people with disabilities say their civil rights are being violated.
This rider is legally blind and says escalator and elevator outages at Westwood are a huge aggravation.
Chelena Goldman
Commuters say it’s rare that both escalators would be operational at Amtrak’s Route 128/Westwood station.
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