2018 Clear the Shelters Update: Where Are They Meow?

We caught up with a few furry friends and their families more than half a year after their fateful adoptions during our Clear the Shelters initiative. These well-loved pets were adopted during CTS at MSPCA at Nevins Farm.

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NBC10 Boston
NBC10 Boston
Jingles, a sweet and affectionate cat, lounges about in her kennel at MSPCA Nevins Farm while her family fills out the appropriate paperwork needed to adopt her.
Tony Bogyo
Jingles Bogyo now loves to lounge in the sunlight in her new home. This lovable cat loves to cuddle and likes to spend time with the kids at home. When she's not playing with her new cat sibling, she enjoys playing with a stuffed mouse that stores catnip.
NBC10 Boston
Baby, a 15-year-old cat, was a hospice resident at MSPCA Nevins Farm before her adoption. Here, she curiously pokes her head out from the kennel that would take her to her new, adoptive family.
Bjarna O'Brien
Now, Baby O'Brien is in better health and gave her family a wonderful Christmas gift when she surprised them by playing for the first time. This affectionate and active cat enjoys climbing on anything she can and likes to hold hands (or paws) whenever sad music is playing.
NBC10 Boston
This rabbit named Teddy (who was known as 'Kylie' at the animal shelter) was adopted by the Alvarado family. Here, Teddy poses in her kennel shortly after her adoption and before she was driven to her new forever home.
Vanessa Alvarado
Now, Teddy Alvarado loves to explore her new home and is very curious. This sweet rabbit can be camera shy and she loves to munch on apples and kale.
NBC10 Boston
Once known as "Scuba Steve," Cornelius the cat looks out from his kennel for one of the last times before he is adopted.
Cornelius (top) now has a feline sister, Deborah (bottom). This quirky cat loves to sneak bites from his new cat mom's meals when he can and is especially fond of pizza crust. Cornelius loves to be held and is quite affectionate.
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