The Cost of Being High Behind the Wheel

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Amy Westgate
Amy Westgate has been through years of surgery and rehab. The now-24-year-old lost her spleen, had to have a hip replacement and had a host of broken bones.
Amy Westgate
Amy Westgate was five months pregnant when she was hit by a drugged driver. Prosecutors say if she had been two weeks further along and the fetus had been viable outside the womb, the driver would have been charged with motor vehicle homicide.
Carver Fire
Chris Reagan, 24, pleaded guilty to operating under the influence of drugs. Police found a powdery substance – a mix of cocaine and fentanyl – with a spoon and syringe in his car.
Carver Fire
Amy Westgate and her boyfriend were driving on South Main Street in Carver in 2014. A drugged driver hit them head on and Carver firefighters used the Jaws of Life – taking the roof off of the car – to get her out.
Carver Police
Chris Reagan pleaded guilty to operating under the influence of drugs last year and is serving a four-year prison sentence.
Carver Fire
Police are deeming drivers an "immediate threat" at a soaring rate, but some say not enough officers are properly trained to help secure convictions.
Carver Fire
Amy Westgate was in and out of a coma for weeks after a car driven by a drugged driver slammed into her car head on in Carver, Mass.
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