Hitting the Streets With the Boston Police Gang Unit

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NBC Boston
Police tape blocks off the crime scene at a triple shooting in Mission Hill. A 19-year-old was killed and two others wounded.
NBC Boston
Boston police officers arrest a man who led them on a chase during a suspected drug stop in Roxbury.
NBC Boston
Boston Police Department Gang Unit officers talk to two men who told them they had been smoking marijuana in their car. Looking to build trust in the community, the officers let the men go with just a warning.
NBC Boston
Gang Unit officers say it's critical to engage potential "impact players" to get intel and try to prevent violence.
NBC Boston
Gang Unit teams crisscross the city's neighborhoods, stopping cars and talking to residents, hoping their presence will help to slow gang violence.
NBC Boston
Officers stop a driver on the streets of Boston.
NBC Boston
Forty-three people have been gunned down on Boston streets this year, many of them young.
NBC Boston
An officer checks a driver for drugs and weapons. Earlier in the night, officers recovered a .45 during a traffic stop.
NBC Boston
Fatal shootings in Boston are up 23 percent. Police say there is a flood of firepower coming into the city.
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