Independence Day in Boston: Top Instagram Photos of the Week

Viewers shared some great photos on Instagram this week using the hashtag #FollowingNBC10Boston. Check out the most popular ones.

7 photos
Greg Sager - @gsager18
A photo from across the Boston Harbor shows the July 2 Harborfest firework show.
Mark Garfinkel - @pictureboston
This shot captures a lightning bolt during a thunderstorm in Cohasset over the weekend.
Corey McFeeley - @corey_mcfeeley
A photo taken from the Boston Common shows a beautiful sunset over Boston.
A pretty shot of the Boston Harbor at dusk.
Jennifer Tsang - @jw_tsang
A morning shot taken from the Boston Public Garden shows the George Washington Statue and, in the distance, Prudential Tower.
Subhajit Ghosh - @2tansdiary
This pretty reflection shot shows downtown Boston on a clear night.
Jennifer Tsang - @jw_tsang
A unique photo taken through a puddle shows buildings in downtown Boston.
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