Lightning Strikes Boston: Top Instagram Photos of the Week

Viewers shared some great photos on Instagram this week using the hashtag #FollowingNBC10Boston. Check out the most popular ones.

7 photos
Mark Garfinkel - @pictureboston
Lightning is seen above Boston on Wednesday evening. This particular bolt is striking the Prudential Tower.
Mark Garfinkel - @pictureboston
Simultaneous lightning bolts hit the Back Bay area during the storm on Wednesday evening.
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy - @a_whiteshark
This photo shows a shark swimming off the coast of a Truro, Mass. beach on Tuesday. Shark sightings are becoming frequent as the summer progresses.
Shawn Moran - @smoranphotography
This beautiful shot was taken from the Boston Seaport this week. It shows the city at night from across the Boston Harbor.
A beautiful sunset lit up the sky above the Massachusetts State House after the storm passed on Wednesday evening.
A boat labeled ‘Nantucket’ sits in Boston Harbor during a pretty sunset.
A lone sailboat sails in the Boston Harbor as rays of sunlight stream from behind clouds above the skyline.
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