NBC Boston Staff Shares Favorite Sandwiches for National Sandwich Month

Happy National Sandwich Month! A commonly accepted fact is that the meat, cheese, bread concoction originally got its name until 1762, when the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, wanted an easily made that wouldn’t interrupt his marathon poker game, or get the cards greasy. Thus, the sandwich was born. Sandwiches include at least two pieces of bread, a definition established by a Boston court in 2006, when a food fight between Panera Bread Co and Qdoba Mexican Grill led Worcester Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke to clarify any confusion. According to a 2015 study, on any given day, 47 percent of adults in the U.S. ate one or more sandwiches. It’s an evening shift at NECN/NBC Boston, and our staff has a passion. A passion for sandwiches. Check out our gallery to see our favorite sandwiches at our favorite eateries.

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Bob's Italian Food
Chicken Parm from Bob's Italian Food in Medford, MA
Bob's Italian Food
Staff Member: Jarryd, DirectornSandwich: Chicken ParmnShout out: I'm a chicken parm guy. It's simple, filling, and it's comfort food. It makes you feel warm."
Bob's Italian Food
Chicken Parm Sandwich
J's Deli
Staff Member: Kathryn Sotnik, ReporternSandwich: Italian GrindernShout out: It's fresh, and very tasty."
Kelly's Roast Beef
Staff Member: Meg, NECN Video ProducernSandwich: BBQ Pulled Beef SandwichnShout out: "It's the BBQ."
Yankee Lobster Company
Staff Member: Frank Holland, ReporternSandwich: Lobster RollnShout out: "It's hot, buttery, fresh—everything you love about a lobster roll, but better than anywhere else."
Sally Ann Food Shop
Staff Member: Kristen, TV DirectornSandwich: The vegetable sandwich on homemade breadnShout out:"It has avocado, dill mayo, and I get it on homemade oatmeal bread."
The Linden Store Deli
Staff Member: Kevin Walsh, Sports AnchornSandwich: Tuna on a baguette with hot peppers with a side of salt and vinegar chipsnShout out: "It hits the spot."
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