NBC Boston Talent Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

Anchors and reporters for NBC Boston shared their goals for the New Year.

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Shannon Mulaire
Shannon Mulaire says, “With three kids under the age of five and a full-time job? To get more sleep. Even if it means missing Pete Bouchard’s forecast.”
Jonathan Choe
Jonathan Choe’s resolution is to “cut back on my toy collection.”
Cassy Arsenault
Cassy Arsenault says: “My resolution, along with writing down three things I’m grateful for every day and efforting more positive self-talk, is drinking at least 72 ounces of water a day!”
Phil Lipof
Phil Lipof says, “My New Year’s resolution is to find time to play more guitar! The older and busier I get, the less spare time I have. But this year - I plan to find 10 minutes here, five minutes there, to just sit and play!” Rock on, Phil!
Caroline Connolly
Alysha Palumbo and Caroline Connolly have a joint resolution “to stay warm inside this winter.” Good luck on that one!
Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee’s resolution is to “walk outside more…(It’s) good for me, good for Abbey."
Audrey Asistio
"My New Year’s resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle!" says Audrey Asistio.
"I love hugging my kids, but my resolution is to hug them even more!" Raul Martinez says. Adorbs!
Ally Donnelly's resolution is better time management. We'll be investigating to see how that works out!
Alison King: "I want to drink more water, make more trips to Orangetheory and read something that has nothing to do with politics."
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