PHOTOS: NBC10 Boston Investigators Look Into Microblading

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Lynne Young has a nervous disorder called trichotillomania, which is a compulsion to pluck out hair on the face. She wanted eyebrows microbladed on, but had to have the job removed.
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"I've got these black caterpillars on my face." Lynne Young was unhappy with the microblading job done on her eyebrows.
Lynne Young shows NBC10 Boston Investigator Ally Donnelly before and after photos of the tattoo removal she had to undergo after getting her eyebrows microbladed by an unlicensed person.
Microblading uses fine blades dipped in ink to deposit ink under the skin in lines that, when done properly, are delicate and hair-like. Mila Kaluk at BrowMuse on Boylston Street has both practitioner’s and establishment body art licenses.
Beauty blogger Christina Hernandez said her microblading job caused pain and inflammation on her face.
Rob Harris, owner of Disappearing, Inc., uses a laser to break up ink in a tattoo on a woman’s leg. Removing microblading, which is a type of tattoo, is very similar to but somewhat less intense than removing tattoos on other parts of the body.
Rob Harris, owner of Disappearing, Inc., explains to Eveliza Velez the process he will use to start removing a tattoo on her leg.
Rob Harris, owner of Disappearing, Inc., uses a laser to break up the ink under the skin of Eveliza Velez in his Tremont Street office.
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