Photo Gallery: Boston’s Crosswalk Crisis

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NBC Boston
After an elderly woman was killed in the South End in 2015, the city quickly created an island at Tremont and West Brookline, but the flex posts were knocked down months ago and never replaced.
NBC Boston
The city made improvements to one intersection where a woman was killed, but not nearly a dozen others.
The city would not release 2017 fatality data, but by our count 9 pedestrians have been killed so far this year.
NBC Boston
An elderly woman was struck and killed on Tremont in 2015. Advocates say the improvements the city made to the intersection should have been made all along Tremont before a second fatality in May.
A South End man was struck and killed at Tremont and Union Park in May. Advocates criticize the city for not making the intersection safer before his death.
Codman Academy charter school in Dorchester repeatedly asked the city for a crosswalk in front of the school. It took seven years and a child being hit before they got it.
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