RESULTS: Your Most Beloved Super Bowl Dishes

NBC10 Boston had a series of polls on Twitter to determine what the best foods are for Super Bowl Sunday and here are the results

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In a shock to absolutely no one, chicken wings were named the best main course for Super Bowl Sunday. Forty-seven percent of poll voters chose this poultry dish as their favorite. Will you have that buffalo, honey barbeque or teriyaki?
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Pizza. So versatile and the easiest crowd pleaser came in at second place with 35 percent of the support.
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Chips, another easy crowd pleaser, was voted the best salty snack to munch on while two football teams work to annihilate each other.
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Chex Mix, known to be a "bag of interesting," came in second for favorite salty snack with 16 percent of voters' support.
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Hold the guac? Not on Super Bowl Sunday! The avocado treat just barely surpassed nachos for favorite dip by a mere 1 percent.
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Nachos, a fun dish to throw random toppings on, is the second best dip for your Super Bowl party.
Potato skins, or loaded potatoes if you prefer that term, were crowned as the best finger food.
The only tie we had was between jalapeno poppers and mozzarella sticks. An equal amount of voters chose this spicy snack and the ooey gooey cheese treat.
Twenty-three percent of voters equally chose mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers. Half of the voters prefer a comforting, cheesy sensation while the other half opts to add more spice to their plates.
Football fans who want a break from the greasy treats commonly served at Super Bowl parties will likely go for the traditional veggie platter, according to our poll. Now the only question is, which vegetable will you go for first?
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Don't like vegetables too much? Maybe you'll enjoy them more if they're mixed with pasta. Pasta salad was voted the second best refreshing side dish for Super Bowl viewings.
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Football and beer go hand in hand like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Beer had the most support, with an overwhelming 82 percent of voters choosing this as their favorite alcoholic drink to have in hand during the Super Bowl.
Although beer beat out the competition for best alcoholic drink by a landslide, cocktails came in second place at a humble 9 percent.
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Coke or Pepsi? Either way, cola was dubbed the best non-alcoholic drink for those who prefer to refrain from drinking alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday.
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Lemonade! Get your lemonade here! Not many will be lining up to get the refreshing drink, but it was voted the second best non-alcoholic beverage with 16 percent of voter support.
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If the game gets stressful and you need a sweet treat, why not grab a brownie? That's what 41 percent of folks will be doing, according to our Twitter poll.
If you're not much of a brownie person, perhaps you'll reach for a cookie if you're craving a sweet treat. About 29 percent of voters voiced their opinion and dubbed cookies as the second best dessert.
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