Viewers Pay Tribute to Nurses on National Nurses Week

In honor of National Nurses Week, viewers told us about outstanding nurses who have made a difference for their families or communities.

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Our viewer McKenzie wrote: "Mrs. Casey tries so hard at everything she does. Even though some days might get very tough, she always has a smile on her face to help the students at the school! She is one of the nicest people I've met and will do anything she can to help a student who needs something. Mrs. Casey is loved by everyone who meets her. She is the best school nurse ever!"
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Pam Abbott wrote: "All of the nurses on the 9th floor [at Brigham and Women's Hospital] are wonderful; they took such good care of my brother when he was in for a ruptured aneurysm and stroke. They gave hope and encouraging words to us, his family, (and) made us feel comfortable. They answered every question we asked. Just can't say enough nice things about them. They are all great!" Pictured, from left, Anthony Bianco, Brenda Muraca, Morgan Wyckoff, Teresa Kanalski, Adam Olson, Thomas Adams, Shaun Golden, Heidi Doucette.
Ali Fareri
Billy Weinstein wrote: "Ali is my fiancee and I couldn't be more proud of the nurse she is. She goes above and beyond for being 24 years of age. Not only is she a MICU nurse at Beth Israel, but she took care of her grandmother who was passing away from Alzheimer's. She also takes care of all her grandfather's medical needs. On top of that, multiple times she has stayed with my grandmother who has Alzheimer's and taken care of her. Her passion for nursing is as big as her heart. She is just about to start school to become a family nurse practitioner... Nursing and taking care of people is what Ali lives for and I am glad I get to be by her side for it."
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John Donahue wrote: "I was taken to Saint Elizabeth's on March 13, 2018... after finding out I had a heart attack. I went into cardiac arrest, followed by a few strokes and as everything was going black on me, I made my peace with my wife and kids and I said I loved them. The nurses that night were very sweet and made sure I was comfortable. I remember the doctors and nurses surrounded my bed and they had my family come in to say goodbye. I thought at that time it was over for me and my time was through. Medical coma for three weeks and I finally came out if it. I lost my speech and use of my right arm and I could not walk. Round-the-clock nursing staff helped me get to a place where I am today. Speech is coming back slowly, which is torture... I am getting the use back to my right arm and hand. I now walk without help... This is with the help from the nurses at Saint Elizabeth's. Lots of love and hugs and much respect for them all."
Kate Warren/Courtesy of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
K. Frazier-Boone wrote: "A former ICU nurse whose current specialty is inspiring the next generation of nurses by teaching in the nursing training program at our high school. Justine is high energy person whose presence is magical. She has a positive and supportive relationship with every staff member. Students seek her out throughout the day for encouragement as well as medical attention since the assigned school nurse is on a half-day schedule. Justine joined the school trip to France so a student with terminal cancer could participate in this experience. She regularly comforts a staff member whose wife is struggling with a life-threatening illness. I have never seen her without a smile."
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Stephen Corsaro wrote: "There is no nurse more dedicated to her patients, staff, and profession. Constantly advocating for patients and staff for 25 plus years, along with teaching in many roles for future nurses at the high school and college levels. Recently tore both ligaments in her left knee on a Friday evening, spent the evening in the ER at Brigham, but was at work the next morning, a Saturday, at 6:30 AM (also Sunday) on crutches with a wrap cast to teach first year students. Her dedication, leadership and commitment to the profession and future nurses is moving. Just ask her staff and supervisors. She builds great teams and her staff do anything she asks. When we have winter storms, managers must ask staff to stay overnight. Some managers can't get enough, Tammy has an abundance of volunteers. She demands the job be done right because it is about the patients, but her staff step up because their manager does. She walks the walk, and the staff dedicatedly follow. She is a great choice to be highlighted."
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Heather Losee wrote: "I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Vella, RN, NP, IBCLC, ANLC, who is the founder of New England Mothers First. New England Mothers First is a nurse practitioner lactation expertise practice that was founded by Ms. Vella in 2014. According to the mission of the practice, it was born from a vision for a collaborative, referral-based service that would work specifically towards the betterment of breastfeeding for mothers, babies, and families. I have had the absolute pleasure of being a patient of Ms. Vella since the birth of my son in December of 2018. It is always challenging thinking and overthinking aspects of breastfeeding, and, since I did not have a good experience with breastfeeding my first baby, I was very nervous and scared. From the moment I became a patient, Ms. Vella listened to me and worked with me and my baby, tending to both of us. She is truly dedicated to her patients and is very caring and compassionate. She has an enthusiastic demeanor with both babies and mothers. She is highly regarded in her field and is an expert international, Board Certified lactation consultant. I am pleased to say that I am breastfeeding my second baby and feeling very well postpartum. Ms. Vella has certainly contributed to my breastfeeding success with my second child. I feel she should be saluted and honored for her contributions to the patients she serves and to the nursing field in general as a proprietor and expert in her field."
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