Zombie Mall: Within the Walls of Abandoned Burlington Center in New Jersey

More than 35 years after its unveiling, the Burlington Center Mall in South Jersey maintains its building structure -- and not much else. Here's a closer look into southern New Jersey's "zombie mall."

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Dan Farrell
","id":"3572520","thumbnail_url":"https://nbcots.go-vip.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/escalators-thumb.jpg?fit=1200%2C675","type":"image","focusedSlide":""},{"caption":"At its peak, the Burlington Center Mall had three major anchor department stores and 100 retail stores and restaurants.
Dan Farrell
But today, vacant and desolate, the center — dubbed by one Advance Media ranking as New Jersey's "saddest mall" — is barely recognizable.
Dan Farrell
After a long struggle with increasing vacancies and structural issues, the shopping center closed its doors for the final time in January, 2018.
Dan Farrell
Now, the building is set for demolition.
Dan Farrell
Petal, an elephant sculpture, is the last tenant remaining in the abandoned Burlington Center Mall.
Dan Farrell
Stockton Strawbridge, owner of Strawbridge’s, commissioned the elephant fountain to attract visitors to his store.
Dan Farrell
Inside the old Strawbridge’s, which became Macy's before the mall closed, the carpeted entryway is vacant of anything besides dirt and debris.
Dan Farrell
Opposing escalators lie deserted.
Dan Farrell
Broken glass litters the floor.
Dan Farrell
Even though the mall can’t be saved, sculptor Zenos Frudakis, who created Petal, insists the elephant can be. <a href="https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/As-Clock-Winds-Down-On-Burlington-Mall-Orphaned-Elephant-Petal-Searches-for-a-New-Home-502622941.html" target="_blank">Now, he's searching desperately to find a new home for the iconic sculpture he calls his "firstborn."</a>
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