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Body Cam Video from Officer-Involved Shooting in N.H. Released

Sgt. McGuire has been justified in his use of deadly force and will now return to duty

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Chilling new video released by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office shows the moment a Weare, New Hampshire Police officer was shot.

In the early morning hours of Aug. 1, two Weare Police Officers responded to a domestic violence call on Buckley Road. Body cam video shows the suspect’s wife on the front porch. She tells them her husband, Jeffrey Glough-Garvin, is under the influence of prescription drugs, suicidal, and armed with several loaded guns.

“Guys, he’s going to shoot you or shoot himself,” she says. “I’m scared, I don’t want to be here.”

Sgt. Austin McGuire and Officer Paul Lewis entered the home.

Authorities say the video shows Clough-Garvin partially hidden behind a wall and pointing a gun toward the officers.

After Clough-Garvin ignores orders to disarm himself, Sgt. McGuire opens fire.

About seven seconds later, Clough-Garvin fires back, shooting Officer Lewis in the arm.

The video shows Officer Lewis stumbling out of the doorway, onto the porch, and then to the ground.

Both officers are then seen getting themselves and Clough-Garvin’s wife to the safety of the police cruisers. After an hours-long standoff, a police robot entered the home to find Mr. Clough-Garvin dead.

“We feel sympathy for the victim, especially during the holiday season, but my officers did the right thing,” said Weare, New Hampshire Police Chief Christopher Moore during a press conference on Monday.

Officer Lewis spoke exclusively with NBC10 Boston when he was released from the hospital a few days after the shooting.

He said, “Not every officer is as fortunate as I am, not all officers make it out alive.”

Chief Moore tells us the 27-year-old is still recovering and doing some administrative work, but is eager to get back on the streets.

“He has a passion for this profession, it’s obvious when you talk to him, you can’t wipe the smile off his face,” he said Monday.

Sgt. McGuire has been justified in his use of deadly force and will now return to duty. An autopsy shows the suspect was hit by three of McGuire’s bullets – none of them fatal.

Authorities say that Clough-Garvin died from a single, self-inflicted, gunshot wound to the chest.

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