Crash Investigation in Hudson, NH

Hudson Police Dept,

Hudson, New Hampshire officials investigated the cause of a two-car crash that occurred off Derry Street on Sunday evening. 

Officers located a 2017 Ford Fiesta, upside down inside a pond along the northbound lane of the street and a 2016 Honda CRV in the southbound lane with significant rear end damage. 

The driver of the Ford Fiesta was later identified as Alexander Picard, 24, of Hudson, and the driver of the Honda CRV was identified as Chris Columbus, 51, of Litchfield. 

The officers conducted an investigation and determined that Columbus was traveling south on Derry Street. Picard caught up to the vehicle and collided into the car.  The collision caused Picard to careen across the northbound lane of Derry Street, down an embankment and roll over into the frozen pond.

Columbus was wore a seat belt and sustained minor injuries.  He was not transported to the hospital for treatment. Picard also suffered minor injuries and transported to a local area hospital.  There were no other passengers in the cars.

Another man at the scene, was treated by the Hudson Fire Department for minor injuries.  The man is identified as Taylor Baker, 25, of Hudson. Officers learned Baker witnessed Picard’s vehicle land upside down in the pond.  Baker jumped into the pond and removed Picard from his vehicle and rescued him.  

According to Hudson Fire officials, Picard survived due to the efforts of Baker.  Baker was not transported to the hospital for further treatment.

Picard was arrested on scene and charged with DWI drugs.  He was released on Personal Recognizance bail and scheduled for arraignment on March 13, 2020.

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