New Hampshire

Ice Castles in NH Expected to Open Around New Year

Up to 10,000 icicles will be harvested each day over the next 3-4 weeks to complete the development.

Ice artisans in North Woodstock, New Hampshire have begun construction on a series of outdoor ice sculptures, which are expected to open to visitors around New Year's Day.

The project is a part of Ice Castles, a company based out of Utah, which oversees six locations throughout the US and Canada. Ice Castles feature ice-carved slides, tunnels, fountains, crawl spaces and towers complete with waterfalls.

Artisans drip, shape and hand-place icicles to create the winter odyssey, which features structures embedded with LED lights to add to the experience.

This year, guests can either walk or enjoy horse-draw sleigh rides through the winter village.

"Mother nature is our primary architect, and we are always amazed by what she allows us to create each season," Ice Castles CEO Ryan Davis said. "Our crew in New Hampshire has been working hard over the last few weeks laying out the castle's design so we can build a unique, winter experience that is fun for people of all ages.

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