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Trips Not Sold Out: Super Bowl Fatigue or High Costs to Blame?

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    Travel Agent Talks About Cost of Super Bowl Trips

    Between tickets, airfare and hotel, the cost of going to the Super Bowl starts in the thousands.

    (Published Friday, Jan. 25, 2019)

    Four Super Bowl appearances in five years: Phoenix, Houston, Minneapolis and now Atlanta. What New Englander doesn't want to see another Patriots Super Bowl win?

    "It's just the way it goes — when you play a game, you play to win, you don't play to lose or tie, so all those haters out there, they can kiss my butt," said Patriots fan Shawn Molloney, asked if he had Super Bowl fatigue yet.

    Regardless of the excitement for another Super Bowl, flights and hotels still aren't sold out, something that was not that case this time last year in Minnesota, despite frigid temperatures.

    "I don't know if people aren't as excited about our third Super Bowl in three years, or there's just more options," said travel agent Felicia Troy.

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    Troy said if you plan to head to the Super Bowl, you're looking at spending at least $5,000 for tickets, airfare and lodging. That price tag keeps a lot of people away from the big game.

    "You have to be super rich to get there, or just have thousands of dollars at your disposal," said Molloney.

    However, season ticket holders have a slightly different view, partly because they are die-hard fans and partly because they have a chance at a fair price.

    "If you are a season ticket holder, you get the ticket for face value," said Andrew Stein.

    Stein has been a season ticket holder for several years. For him to be able to go to the Super Bowl, he has to win a lottery. Unfortunately, the last four times, he hasn't been very lucky.

    "If you're a season ticket holder and you're a real fan, you go to the Super Bowl when you get the opportunity," said Stein.

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    Troy said the first question people ask her when they call to go to the Super Bowl is what the cost will be. She said there are flights still available currently ranging in price from $800 to over $2,000. She gave us some tips that can cut down on Super Bowl costs if you are going this year or plan to go to a future one.

    "We do have a AAA package for the Super Bowl," she said. "It's three nights at a hotel, tickets, Super Bowl party, and it's $5,755 per person, plus airfare."

    If you don't want a package, she suggests driving to cut down on costs or flying to Nashville, Tennessee, or Charleston, South Carolina, and driving from there.

    Right now, hotels are triple the regular price, just like plane tickets, so staying two hours outside the city will get you a better price.

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