Atlanta is the No. 1 US city for single people, new study says

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The divorce rate in the United States is slowing down, but there are still plenty of single people out there. And in addition to finding a partner, these singles are likely looking for good jobs, affordable housing and buzzing nightlife.

With "cuffing season" in mind, Zumper evaluated close to 100 U.S. cities to determine which afford singles the best opportunities and lifestyle:



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  • Percentage of single population
  • One-bedroom median rent price
  • Dating satisfaction
  • Entertainment and restaurant per capita
  • Cost of living
  • Non-family median income
  • Unemployment rate

No. 1 U.S. city for singles: Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, topped the list as the best city for singles.

According to the report, over 57% of Atlanta's population is single and the city ranked in the top five in the entertainment and restaurant categories.

Atlanta is the best U.S. city for singles, according to Zumper.
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Atlanta is the best U.S. city for singles, according to Zumper.

The median non-family income of $71,069 is higher than the national average of $70,784, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Atlanta is a city full of life and dominates in sectors like transportation and film and television production. It is also home to the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, considered to be the world's busiest airport.

Top 10 U.S. cities for singles

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. St. Louis, MO
  3. Minneapolis, MN
  4. Boston, Mass.
  5. Madison, Wis.
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Orlando, Fla.
  8. Salt Lake City, UT
  9. Richmond, VA
  10. Pittsburgh, PA

St. Louis is the second-best city for singles.

St. Louis is the second-best city for singles in the U.S.
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St. Louis is the second-best city for singles in the U.S.

The city offers an average rent of $864 a month and a low cost of living, according to Zumper. St. Louis has, on average, rents that are 62.1% lower than in New York, according to Numbeo.

It is also 29.4% less expensive than New York.

Because of St. Louis' low cost of living and central U.S. location, the city is a hub for many large companies like Anheuser-Busch and Emerson Electric.

The average Saint Louis home value is $170,019, according to Zillow. That, paired with the low cost of living and affordable rent, makes it an ideal place for a single person looking to live comfortably.

Rounding out the top three is Minneapolis, Minnesota.

According to the report, over 55% of the population in Minneapolis is single. It got an "A" grade in the category of dating opportunities thanks to its ample entertainment options and thriving restaurant scene.

Minneapolis is the No. 3 best city for singles.
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Minneapolis is the No. 3 best city for singles.

The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is richer by median household income than New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, according to The Atlantic.

Not including rent, Minneapolis is also 20.9% less expensive than New York. The Zumper report states the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,289.

With a low unemployment rate paired with lower rents than other major cities like New York or Los Angeles, Minneapolis has enough economic stability to make it an ideal place for anyone looking to set down some roots.

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