How Google, Bain & Company Have Stayed on This Best Places to Work List for 15 Years

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For the last 15 years, Glassdoor has recognized the best places to work in the U.S. and four other countries with its annual Employees' Choice Awards. And since the awards began in 2009, only two companies have made the cut every year: Bain & Company and Google.

This year, Bain & Company ranked third on the Best Places to Work list, behind Gainsight and Box. The management consulting firm also ranked 3rd in 2022 after snagging the no. 1 spot in 2021. Google ranked eighth on this year's list, after being ranked seventh in 2022 and 6th in 2021.

According to Daniel Zhao, a lead economist at Glassdoor, the list is "very competitive," and being amongst the best of the best for 15 years is a huge feat.

Here's what employees are saying about both companies:

Bain & Company

Tech companies, which have the largest representation on Glassdoor's list, are usually more desirable due to their perks and culture. For this reason, Zhao says it's "quite interesting" to see a big consulting firm on the same level. 

"A lot of these larger consulting companies … their emphasis is not so much on work life balance, their emphasis is really on delivering great career and skill development opportunities for their employees," Zhao tells CNBC Make It. "A lot of people join these consulting companies as a stepping stone for their career. And that's something that companies like Bain really help foster and prioritize. I think that's really the key highlight."

The firm's ratings on Glassdoor are extremely high. Based on over 6,000 reviews, 91% of employees saying they'd recommend the company to a friend. Similarly, 96% of employees approve of the CEO, Manny Maceda. Top review highlights on the platform show that Bain & Company boasts "great teams, benefits, people, colleagues, and culture." 

"I've worked at a variety of companies in my career and hands-down, Bain has the best culture," says a manager at the firm from Boston, Massachusetts on the platform.

Employees across different demographics also rate the company highly. White and Asian workers rated Bain & Company 4.7 stars out of five, while Black employees gave the firm 4.4 stars. Hispanic and Latino employees rated the company 3.3 stars.

On the other hand, employee reviews on Bain & Company also cite a lack of work/life balance. Over 580 employees shared that "long hours" were a con of working at the consulting firm. 


Google is one of the most well-known tech giants across the globe. With their unique company culture and high employee paydays, Zhao says it's no surprise they've solidified their spot on Glassdoor's list.

"[It's] an extremely innovative company. There are lots of opportunities for career growth, and it's a place where you're surrounded by really talented coworkers as well," Zhao says. And while other tech companies have struggled to stay on the list, Google employees continue to take pride in their jobs.

"Google's reviews point to employees feeling supported with competitive compensation and benefits, clear pathways for growth across the company and pride in Google's brand reputation and prestige among Silicon Valley tech giants. Employees are very proud to work for the company, and that's a big part of ranking among the Best Places to Work."

More than 2,600 reviews on Glassdoor highlight that the "people are great" and 1,884 reviews say the company has "great benefits." Based on almost 40,000 reviews, 90% of employees say they'll recommend Google to a friend and 93% approve of the CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Glassdoor reviews also boasts happier employees of different diverse backgrounds, with Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern employees all rating the company over 4 stars. Indigenous Americans rated Google 4 stars, while Native Hawaiians gave the company a 3.6.

Similar to Bain & Company, some Google employees say that they're overworked and struggle with work-life balance. Over 450 Glassdoor reviews highlight employees saying that their "hours were long." Management also seems to be a potential area of improvement for some employees, with over 400 reviews saying "bad management."

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