Webull CEO Says 2 Main Factors Differentiate His Trading Platform From Robinhood

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Webull CEO Anthony Denier says there are two key factors that set his trading platform apart from industry peers such as Robinhood.

Though Webull's 7 million account holders are demographically similar to those of its larger rival, with an average age of 40 and average account size of $4,000, they tend to be more active and more advanced investors, Denier told CNBC's "ETF Edge" on Monday.

"Our traders are very quick to take positions. They go in and out of positions very, very fast," sometimes using leveraged ETFs to trade on momentum, the CEO said.

Webull users also tend to use sophisticated analytical tools such as charting and backtesting to decide when to enter and exit their trades, Denier said.

"They're much more intellectual and experienced in what they're doing," he said. "They graduate from ... easy-to-trade, don't get too deep in it, to I want to get deep in it, I really want to nerd out on this and I want to learn more and learn how to do it better."

As a result, education remains a major focus at Webull and other online brokerages, which will likely benefit markets in the long run, WallachBeth Capital managing director Andrew McOrmond said in the same interview.

"I have not seen such an intelligent investor base," McOrmond said. "When they get to 30 years old, when they get to 35, they start making real money. They're already going to be seasoned. It's going to be a big lift for the market when this starts happening, when they get a little older and have even more money to invest."


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