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#5onthe5 Campaign Encourages People to Reach Out to Others on May 5

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A mental health speaker who has talked to students at Boston University and beyond is asking people to reach out to five people on Tuesday in a bid to lift spirits amid the coronavirus crisis.

The project, created by Archie Messersmith-Bunting, is called "5 on the 5" and encourages people to call five people on May 5 to see how they are doing.

“Most of us in life, we spin so fast being busy, to keep all of our feelings at bay,” Messersmith-Bunting said.  “Now that the busy has stopped, those feelings are coming up, but there to greet them is all of this stuff from this experience. So it’s like double feeling-whammy going on right now.“

He added: “As someone who suffers from depression, I began to think about how can we put a focus on human connection?”

Messersmith-Bunting said the people you call could be loved ones or even those you’ve lost touch with. He said you should go beyond just asking, “Hey how are you doing?”

”Then say, ‘OK but how are you feeling?’ That gives the person permission to talk about all of that stuff that they’re feeling and to get it out.”

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