8 Falmouth Lifeguards Test Positive for Coronavirus: Report

Eight Falmouth lifeguards tested positive after attending a party with other staff members. Their supervisors told them not to tell anyone about their results.

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Eight town lifeguards in Falmouth, Massachusetts have tested positive for the coronavirus after allegedly attending a party with other staff members, the Cape Cod Times reports.

According to the paper, Maggie Clayton, acting beach superintendent, said during a select board meeting there had been eight "verbal positive" coronavirus cases among 117 staff members. Clayton said she heard of the first case Friday.

The lifeguards tested positive for COVID-19 after attending with other beach staff members, the paper quotes a former Falmouth lifeguard as saying.

The paper also reported that in a text message exchange, a supervisor allegedly told a lifeguard not to make the positive result public.

According to the paper, Clayton said supervisors asked employees not to say anything about the test results until management could inform the entire department.

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