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A 15-Minute Meeting Cap, Lunches Delivered to Your Desk: Maybe a Return to Office Isn't So Bad

From manned elevators to boxed lunches and sensor-operated doors, life back at the office will feel very different

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Working from home may have its fans, but employees returning to the office are wondering how it will all work. It turns out that getting people back to the office is going to be a whole lot harder than shipping them off home, NBCNews reports.

“I’m not particularly interested in sitting at my desk for eight hours wearing a mask. I think I might go crazy," said Kathryn Tuggle, editor-in-chief of a personal finance website. Tuggle used to share a desk at a coworking space in New York City with three colleagues before the COVID-19 pandemic closed the building. While she’s looking forward to being back together, she says she will be much more cautious at the office about touching door handles and surfaces.

"Realistically, there will be more working from home on our team until 2021," Tuggle said.

As lockdowns come to an end, large and small companies across the country are trying to figure out how to transition their employees back to a safe working environment with confidence.

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