As Coronavirus Cases Climb in Revere and Chelsea, Hotel to Open as Recovery Facility

The Quality Inn in Revere will serve as a facility for COVID-19 patients who are recovering but can't go home because it would be difficult to isolate

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Two of Massachusetts' hotspots for COVID-19 cases — Revere and Chelsea — are getting some help to fight the spread of coronavirus.

The Quality Inn in Revere is now being turned into a facility for patients who are recovering but can't go home because it would be too difficult to isolate.

City officials say many people in both communities live in crowded quarters.

"Both Revere and Chelsea have many residents who simply cannot return to untenable housing situations and properly isolate themselves when they are diagnosed with COVID-19," said Chelsea City Manager Tom Ambrosino. "And as a result, the spread is greater in these communities than it is elsewhere."

It'll be called The Inn and will provide temporary housing for patients to quarantine safely and reduce the risk of infecting other people.

There will be room for 150 patients.

"Revere is not an island," said Brian Arrigo, the city's mayor. "None of us can shut our borders to this unprecedented pandemic. One must work across city lines, and this is exactly what we're doing here today."

Both cities have been hit hard. Revere has had more than 500 cases, while Chelsea has over 700.

Patients admitted to The Inn will have to be a resident of either city, be positive for COVID-19, and be living in a situation where there are significant challenges for isolation.

A doctor will also have to determine that the patient does not require hospital care.

Walk-in patients will not be allowed.

"The residents will be accepted in through a referral service, through both the public health nurse and our hospital's health centers that serve this community," said Jacqueline Nally, a registered nurse with Massachusetts General Hospital.

Hotel management has allowed the building to be used for medical care for 60 days.

It opens Thursday and will be run by Partners HealthCare.

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