Company Donates Much-Needed Supplies to Emergency Crews

84,000 surgical masks, 3,100 safety goggles and 15,000 gowns will be going to 61 communities

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Boxes of medical supplies are headed to emergency crews in Massachusetts as COVID-19 strains the stockpile.

"The supply chains are really pinched right now," said Kevin Mont of Fallon Ambulance Service. "It is really hard to get stuff from a regular supply chain manufacturer, etc."

The gear was purchased by Metro Boston EMS Council in 2010 preparing for a pandemic. 

Fallon is one of the two hosts of MBEMSC regional trailers that holds the gear. 

"That's why a distribution like this today is really key to helping the agencies continue," said Mont.

They are sending out 84,000 surgical masks, 3,100 safety goggles and 15,000 gowns.

They are going to 61 communities.

"Makes me feel better because we now have a cache," said Norfolk Fire Chief Erron Kinney. "We have a good bit of equipment to make sure that our personnel are protected."

Kinney called COVID-19 a threat to smaller towns.

"If I have to quarantine two to three people, that's a huge loss for me," said Kinney.

Fallon's own supplies are OK for now.

Mont said they will feel the pinch in the next month or so.

"This distribution right here definitely helps with that kind of planning aspect into that month, month and a half," said Mont.

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