Al Fresco Photos: Coronavirus Spurs Music Photographer to Create Backyard Art Gallery

A DJ plays music by the musical acts Allan Dines has photographed, including Aerosmith, James Taylor and more

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The idea came to him five years ago, but it took the coronavirus pandemic for renowned photographer Allan Dines to make it happen. 

Now, his photos of musical artists chronicling decades of appearances in Boston are displayed on trees in his backyard in Wayland, Massachusetts. 

"I decided if I'm ever going to put these images in the trees the way I'd seen it in my head that now is the time to do it," Dines said.

Masks and social distancing are required at his coronavirus-compliant gallery, but when it's open, it's free to the public, with any donations going to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

And the gallery has more than just photographs. There's a smiley face and a heart on the side of his house, which neighbors love, plus a DJ playing music by the musical acts Dines has photographed, including Aerosmith, James Taylor and Otis Day.

A New Hampshire boy is helping people in need and inspiring his neighbors through his art.

"I've seen his work before but to set this up in this manner, with the music in the background and all of the artists that he's been filming for so many years, and he has such an eye for photography," said Ann Jacobs of Weston.

Milton resident Kristen Daly called it "a literal breath of fresh air to be able to get out and see something so visual that normally would be confined to four walls in a gallery."

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