Disinfectant Products May be Back in Stores by Summer: Clorox CEO

Clorox is trying to meet a 500% spike in demand, CEO Benno Dorer tells NBC10 Boston

NBC Universal, Inc.

Clorox products may be back on store shelves this summer, according to the company's CEO.

Store shelves once stocked with popular cleaning wipes and disinfectant sprays are now often bare as the company tries to keep up with unprecedented demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Clorox has seen a 500-percent spike in demand, according to CEO Benno Dorer, selling a month's worth of product in a week. The company says the products are as good as gone as soon as they hit the stores.

"We know that right now we cannot make enough products for everybody to find products at the store all the time. But we’re making tremendous progress," Dorer told NBC News. "We think we will be in substantially better shape by the summer.”

To keep up with demand, Clorox is hiring more than 250 people and increasing pay. The CEO said those Clorox factories will be running around the clock.

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