‘Faces of COVID' Twitter Account Shows Personal Stories of Pandemic Victims

Alex Goldstein of Waltham started his Twitter account to show the faces of the individual people whose lives have been lost or affected by the coronavirus pandemic

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Back in March, when the coronavirus shut down much of the state and COVID-19 deaths began to dominate the headlines, a new account on Twitter appeared called @FacesOfCOVID. That account now has more than 70,000 followers.

The account was started by Alex Goldstein, a resident of Waltham, Massachusetts, who felt compelled to put a face and a story to the mounting statistics.

"The initial impetus for it was really just to put a face and a name as almost a cathartic way for me to process what was going on, and then, not surprisingly, found very quickly that there was a lot of people who are looking for that," Goldstein said.

Goldstein added that accountability was a major part of starting the project.

"We were failing to take the steps necessary to contain the virus," he said. "Every single story of somebody losing their life, I think, really does beg the question, 'Did this person have to die?'"

Goldstein went on to talk about some of those people's stories in an extended interview with NBC10 Boston and NECN.

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