For Once, Logan Airport Is a Ghost Town on Memorial Day Weekend

The coronavirus pandemic is suppressing holiday travel in a noticeable way at the Boston airport

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This isn't your typical Memorial Day weekend at Logan Airport. On what would usually be a hustling and bustling weekend for travelers flying in and out of Boston, it's a ghost town.

“It’s bizarre, though, being in an airport that you’re accustomed to having really, really busy and no one’s here,” traveler Jonathan Frye said.

“There’s nobody here,” said Beth Willson, who is flying back home to Michigan after a quick trip to Boston.

The coronavirus pandemic is suppressing holiday travel in a noticeable way.

Newsstands and cafes are closed. Entire check-in counters are empty. There's no one at the self-service kiosks. The baggage claim areas are dead, and there aren't even enough flights to fill up the departures board.

"It seems like a lot more calm and less stressful, for sure,” said Willson, who fears that she once had the coronavirus and is being extra careful.

“Making sure that I’m keeping the social distance and trying to follow all the rules and the regulations,” she said.

The TSA is taking extra steps, too, and will roll out new procedures nationwide by June. This includes now asking that travelers hold their own boarding passes instead of handing them to the agent.

For the first time in 20 years, AAA is not issuing a Memorial Day travel forecast because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The motor club expects travel to be so light this weekend that it'll likely set a new record low. 

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