Hospital Helps Families Connect During Coronavirus Visiting Restrictions

South Shore Hospital workers are helping patients connect with their families during coronavirus visitation restrictions, bringing in tablets so they can video chat with their loved ones.

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Hospital patients who are unable to see their families in person due to coronavirus visitation restrictions now have a new way to connect at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

For people who don’t have their own phones or tablets, the hospital is now providing them to patients.

Mary Duross, 91, was hospitalized for two weeks with heart problems and it was important for her to have the resources to connect with her family.

“It was a real saving grace, at least for us,” said Tim Duross, Mary's son. “It gave us a chance. You can’t be in the same room together because of the way things are, but it was great that everybody could converse with each other and her and she could see us and not just wonder what’s going on or where is everybody.”

Hospital workers were able to bring an iPad into the room for Mary to use. She was able to connect with her son and other family members who could not visit her in the hospital because of coronavirus restrictions.

Tech giants will push new software to IOS and Android phones next month that will help identify users who may have been exposed to confirmed coronavirus cases.

South Shore Hospital now has several tablets, and they’re using tools like Skype and Zoom to connect patients with their loved ones. Hospital officials say they are using this service with patients who have coronavirus as well as other conditions.

“To be able to see them and to know they’re OK... on either side of it... so when they make that visual connection you see both sides light up, people are just so happy,” Lisa Rabideau of South Shore Health said.

Mary Duross is now out of the hospital and recovering at home in Quincy.

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