Hundreds of Pastors Sign Letter to Gov. Baker Demanding Reopening of Churches

More than 260 pastors signed a letter pushing for Gov. Charlie Baker to allow places of worship to reopen with social distancing protocols in Massachusetts

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In houses of worship across Massachusetts, anger has been growing at the closures due to the state's stay-at-home advisory.

More than 260 pastors have signed a letter to Gov. Charlie Baker demanding that he allow them to reopen with social distancing protocols in place. The pastors also want to be added to the state's Reopening Advisory Board.

"I feel like if Home Depot can operate at 40%, churches out to be able to operate at the same," said James Montoro, a pastor at Pioneer Valley Baptist Church in Westfield.

Like many businesses, churches were closed back in late March as COVID-19 was spreading.

There is a growing push to reopen churches in Massachusetts.

These pastors say they've watched as some businesses reopened. Baker announced Thursday that golf courses could reopen.

"Churches are just important — in my estimation, of course, more important — than golf courses and liquor stores being open," Montoro said.

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