‘I Feel Really Grateful': Students Praise BU's Self-Sufficient Rapid Testing Operation

With thousands of students back on the campus of Boston University, the school's rapid coronavirus testing system is a critical part to ensuring their safety

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Thousands of Boston University students are back on campus, and as those students return to campus life, COVID-19 testing is a critical part to ensure everyone stays safe.

The school has eight new robots that will process up to 6,000 coronavirus tests per day, turning next-day results.

The lab is self-sufficient, built and operated by BU researchers.

"Having them get it back to us for a negative test 24 hours later gives us the ability to go and train as much as possible, so it's great," said freshman lacrosse player Brian Garrity.

Students swab themselves at one of several collection centers open across the campus seven days a week, 12 hours a day.

"I think it's really easy. It didn't take too long, just like five minutes, max, to just administer the test yourself," said student Tahliyah Tabron. "I feel really grateful I'm able to hold onto this residential college experience that I'm paying for."

So far, the university says the compliance rate has been high.

The results are posted daily on a data dashboard that launched Monday.

There have been 16 positive tests since July 27, and more than 8,000 negative tests.

The school says it plans to continue to swab thousands daily, which is especially important as more students move in over the next two weeks.

"I think it's great. It just makes the whole Boston University community, as well as the city of Boston, feel a lot safer, knowing we're not going to have a lot of positive cases just running around," said student Christian Brofft.

BU says all students will be tested when they arrive to campus. They'll be tested regularly throughout the semester.

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