Mass. High School Senior Creates ‘Pandemic Song'

Matt "Steady" Ricetti, a senior at Methuen High School, created his own "pandemic song" called "Alright"

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A Massachusetts high school student's senior project has been viewed more than a thousand views on YouTube.

Matt "Steady" Ricetti, a senior at Methuen High School, created his own "pandemic song."

“I woke up today a stranger in a new world,” he sings in "Alright."

Ricetti, who plays the drums, keyboard and other instruments, also shot the video and put it together. 

“The idea just came to me when I was sitting at the piano,” he said. 

Ricetti wanted to show himself stuck inside with no place to go, saying that in the video, "I’m looking out the window and stuff like that.” 

Like all the others in the class of 2020, he can't return to school, and he’s missing out on so many senior milestones. He says it will be weird that he won’t be having his final jazz band concerts. 

The son of musicians, Ricetti says he looks forward to Berklee College of Music in the fall.

“Hopefully it’s still running so I can go to the physical actual physical college and not online,” he said. 

Ricetti's video walks people through his time in isolation. 

“It’s difficult getting through, so used to going out all the time, making music, playing gigs,” he said. 

Ricetti is just looking forward to the future and where his talents will take him next, saying, “I’m really excited to go to a place where music is everywhere. That’s my dream so.” 

Watch the video below:

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