Mass. Residents Still Getting Fresh Air While Social Distancing

Some residents have been walking and running at local parks while others have been spending time at beaches

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With Massachusetts under a stay-at-home advisory, it may be a bit difficult to find ways to social distance while getting some fresh air outside. Many residents are still finding ways, however, to do so.

Some residents have been walking and running at local parks while others have been searching for shells at area beaches.

"I have also been coming to the beach as much as possible to get some fresh air — trying to live some kind of a normal life," Swampscott resident Anthony Lasalla said Friday at Revere Beach.

Despite calls by local and national leaders to social distance and stay 6-feet away from people when out in public, residents say it hasn't been easy the last couple of weeks.

"It's been a little rough. I am unemployed. An unemployed hairstylist. I spend my days walking," Kim Morrione said.

Robert Jordan, who also got laid off, said he has decided to conquer his goal and lose some weight. He's been running 10 miles a day at Breakheart Reservation and waving to strangers he passes.

"Just saying hi and waving to people and acknowledging them," Jordan said.

As public places get filled with more people that wouldn't normally come out, Jordan said he is worried about the spread of the coronavirus.

"It's just mobbed. That's what my concern is on the weekends. It is just mobbed here and the state police are watching so we are really trying to tell our friends and people around that they need to keep far back," Jordan said.

Signs have been posted at public places reminding people to practice social distancing, even when enjoying time outside.

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