Mass Vaccination Site at Hynes Convention Center Closes

As Massachusetts closes its mass vaccination sites, Boston's Hynes Convention Center will administer its final COVID-19 shots Tuesday

NBC10 Boston

The mass vaccination site at Hynes Convention Center in Boston administered its final COVID-19 shots Tuesday.

Massachusetts is in the process of closing its state-run sites and focusing instead on getting the coronavirus vaccine to people in underserved communities.

The Hynes site opened on March 22, when it replaced the one at Fenway Park ahead of the Boston Red Sox' season.

More than 330,000 shots have been administered, according to CIC Health. The last ones were given between 5 and 6 p.m.

Mass vaccinations are moving to Hynes Convention Center ahead of Red Sox Opening Day.

Inoculations stopped at Gillette Stadium last Monday, and the site at the Natick Mall will close Wednesday.

The rest of the sites will close on the following dates:

• Reggie Lewis Center in Boston: June 27
• Doubletree in Danvers: June 30
• Eastfield Mall in Springfield: July 6
• Former Circuit City in Dartmouth: July 13

In total, as of Monday, 4,095,494 Massachusetts residents had been fully vaccinated.

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