MBTA Addresses Photos of Crowd Outside Bus in Boston

Jorge Lopez took pictures of the large crowd that gathered outside an MBTA bus at Government Center

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The MBTA is responding after photos showed a crowd outside of a bus in Boston over the weekend.

A large number of people could be seen outside an MBTA bus Saturday at Government Center.

Jorge Lopez took pictures as he passed by on his way home to Revere.

The MBTA says it has been using shuttle buses to replace the Blue Line trains while tunnel improvements are being made.

Lopez says there were no markings for social distancing between riders, and waiting for a less crowded bus was not an option.

"I have family, and the family need me," Lopez said. "I can't wait for how many hours, maybe one, two, three."

"There was an unexpected staffing shortage Saturday night," the MBTA said in a statement. "The T is looking to provide more buses for the upcoming weekends when more Blue Line work takes place."

Lopez says he hopes by speaking out, he never has to see a crowd like that again.

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