NH City Ups Punishment for Stores Serving People Without Masks on

The new ordinance is being met with mixed emotions among business owners in downtown Nashua.

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Nashua, New Hampshire, has tightened its mask mandate, now issuing hefty fines to any businesses that serve customers who aren’t wearing a mask.

A standing ordinance in Nashua required everyone to wear face coverings in public. But under a new city ordinance passed this week, employees and business owners could face up to a $1,000 fine if they serve any customers who aren’t wearing face coverings.

The new ordinance is being met with mixed emotions among downtown business owners Thursday.

"I think its going to turn some customers away honestly. I think they’re going to be more likely to stay home than come out and shop because its an inconvenience," said Kami Harris, a co-owner of Camaraderie Boutique.

She and her partner don't think it should be their job to tell their customers what to do.

The mother said as hard as she tried to put a mask on her son, he wasn't having it.

But just across the street at Design Wares, owner Marylou Blaisdell said she’s glad to see the city taking the mask mandate a step further.

"I have had very few issues with people not wearing masks," Blaisdell said. "We’re just trying to be safe, people. We just want to go back to normal business, to normal life."

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