Northeastern University Boosts Coronavirus Testing Efforts

Two out of nearly 7,200 coronavirus tests conducted at Northeastern University's testing facility have come back positive so far

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Northeastern University students will be tested for COVID-19 every three days and workers will be tested twice a week throughout the semester as part of the schools efforts to prevent outbreaks.

Additionally, students will have to test negative three times when they move back on campus before they can start attending classes on Sept. 3.

The university is also launching an automatic scheduling tool to remind users of their next testing day. 

The efforts come after some incoming freshmen said they planned to party on campus in an Instagram poll over the weekend. Official letters sent to 115 students threatened to rescind their admission to the university if they didn't send a reply acknowledging that they would comply with the school's code of conduct.

University health officials have processed more than 7,100 tests in Northeastern’s Life Sciences Testing Center, two of which have come back positive, according to an online dashboard operated by the school. The new laboratory on the university’s Burlington campus will be running 12 hours a day and is prepared to handle as many as 5,000 tests per day.

Some students, however, have mixed reaction about even being back on campus.

"I just hope all the students adhere to all the rules and regulations but I am nervous seeing how other big schools like UNC and Notre Dame got shut down so quickly," said Northeastern University graduate student Rashida Nayeen.

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