Options Detailed in Lexington's School Reopening Plan Don't Include Full-Time Return to Classroom

A detailed plan from the Lexington School District provides options of fully remote learning and a hybrid of in-school and at-home, but none for returning to class full-time

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The Lexington School District in Massachusetts has released its plans for September.

The detailed document provides two options for the return to school.

"When the blueprint was published by the superintendent, it sent shockwaves throughout the community," said Lexington parent Natalia Hunik.

The two proposals on the table include one model that's fully remote and one that's a hybrid of remote and in-school learning.

There is no option that includes a full-time return to class, and many parents are not happy.

"We were given two options," said parent Stephanie Waite. "Hybrid or fully remote. 'Pick in two weeks or we'll pick for you,' basically."

When NBC10 Boston asked about Lexington's blueprint, a spokesperson for the state's Executive Office of Education said, "The department has been clear that school districts are required to submit three plans, prioritizing in-person learning for September."

"In-school is the best for learning," said Lexington parent Amy Boutwell. "For being pushed and challenged, to be supported, as well as, of course, the social, emotional element."

In their 60-page draft, Lexington school officials wrote, "We will make every effort to give students the highest quality education, with the understanding that teaching and learning will not look the same as it did pre-COVID-19."

Lexington's superintendent has not replied to an email sent Wednesday asking about the omission of full-time classroom learning for the fall semester.

School officials indicated online that this is not a final plan, and they are taking feedback.

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