Protesters Gather in Roxbury's Nubian Square, Call for Rent Relief Amid Pandemic

“The government needs to make it a priority to cancel rents and mortgages," Joe Tiche said.

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Dozens of protesters gathered in the bitter cold Saturday in Roxbury's Nubian Square to demand action from the government for what they believe is an unprecedented economic and health crisis.

“The government needs to make it a priority to cancel rents and mortgages. That’s the only solution that's gonna make sure that people don’t lose their housing because of this crisis," Joe Tiche said.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic leaving thousands without work, it's left many without a way to pay their rent.

“We do have people in our group who have tens of thousands of dollars in rent debt because they lost their job because of the pandemic and they didn't have money to pay their rent," Rahcel Domond said. "We have seen absolutely no relief from neither the federal government or the local government."

They're calling for government aid and believe without rent relief, many will be put on the streets.

“Eventually that day is going to come where they pay up or get kicked out of their homes," Tiche said. "They’re not just going to magically appear with thousands of dollars in rent. So we need to make sure we intervene before that point.”

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has put forth $171 million in an initiative to help out renters and landlords.

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