Rapid-Results Coronavirus Testing Site Opens Up in Lowell

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Rapid-results coronavirus testing is now underway at a CVS Health pop-up facility in the Showcase Cinemas parking lot in Lowell, Massachusetts.

While the lines to get in to be tested are long at times, results that used to take up to seven to 10 days are now back in a matter of minutes.

"What we are bringing to life here is drive-thru testing, with the capacity to test close to 1,000 patients a day and provide them real-time results while they wait," said Emmanuel Kolady, senior vice president of CVS Health. "A positive result will take five minutes; a negative result may take up to 13 minutes."

The Abbott ID Now tests were just approved by the FDA 10 days ago – which meant some quick work on the part of the state's Response Command Center to get this site up and running.

"It was definitely a lot of phone calls, a lot of text messages, a lot of emails," said Massachusetts Director of Small Projects Jack Keleher with the state Response Command Center. "The city of Lowell has been a fantastic partner."

Anyone testing positive gets immediate counseling on what they need to do to protect themselves and others.

"If you test positive, our nurse practitioners will have a conversation with them about specific steps, what actions to take, how do they need to quarantine themselves, and obviously reach out for help if any of the symptoms get worse," Kolady said.

"I think it just gives people peace of mind, honestly, just to have the ability to go in, get your test, get your results in real time, and have an idea of what you should be doing going forward," Keleher added.

It's important to note, you can't just show up and get a test. You need to register at and answer screening questions to get an appointment.

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