RI Company Making Kettlebells to Help Address Workout Equipment Shortage

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From machine parts to kettlebells, a Rhode Island-based iron castings company is filling the void when it comes to a nationwide workout equipment shortage.

"As soon as President Trump declared the state of emergency with the pandemic, everything sold out, all the kettlebells sold out that day," said Thomas Lucchetti, president of the Cumberland Foundry.

Lucchetti says the company is making 50 to 60 kettlebells a day for national retailer Rogue and two other companies.

It's still hard to find the kettlebells online.

Thankfully, he says, they were able to get to work right away.

They had a mold from years ago, when they made a batch before production was sent overseas.

"Because we prototyped kettlebells with Rogue back in 2013, these were already made," he said.

Each kettlebell is handmade with two ingredients — raw iron and steel scrap.

The foundry is now trying to balance the kettlebells with their other products, including machine tools.

Local fire departments also rely on the foundry to make breaching tools, and they make the iron pickets for the Boston Common fence.

Lucchetti says his staff of 40 or so workers won't be slowing down anytime soon.

"I think it's definitely been a wake-up call for a lot of industries to start making things in America again," said Lucchetti.

The Cumberland Foundry already made about 1,500 kettlebells for Rogue and says it has about 1,500 to go.

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