Rollerblading Making a Comeback in Days of Pandemic

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At the Beacon Hill Skate Shop in Boston, owner Chris Kinchla says he can barely keep in-line and roller skates in stock since he's reopened in the pandemic.

"I've burned through my inventory. I got some coming from California on Friday," Kinchla said.

Kinchla says roller skates are back en vogue.

He says he's been selling more roller skates than in-line skates.

"My store started with roller skates back in the 80s," he said.

On the Esplanade Wednesday, we found roller blader after roller blader.

"This is my first time rollerblading in 20 years," said Stacey Tosado.

It's a reborn activity for her, and a way she can stay socially distanced.

"It's a good activity to do with friends, but it's still safe, socially-distancing-wise, and you're outside, as well," Tosado said.

And with gyms shut down, it's also a way to keep fit.

"I can't go to the gym, so I try to rollerblade a lot more," said one skater.

Rollerblading was a hit in the 90s and died off in recent years.

Carlos Rubio is one of those taking it up again.

"I actually just got these yesterday, and they were pretty out of stock," said Rubio. "I've been rollerblading since I was a kid, but didn't roller skate for about 15 years."

Roller rinks are slated to open in Phase 3 of Massachusetts' reopening plan.

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