Students ‘Relieved' to Get Boosters at Clinic That Stayed Open Despite Snowstorm

While many Massachusetts COVID-19 vaccine clinics were closed because of Friday's winter weather, 200 shots were given out at Beverly Middle School

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Many COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Massachusetts shut down Friday because of the snowstorm, but those that were open saw plenty of people looking for booster shots.

Eighteen-year-old Mason Klyce got boosted after the storm.

"I need it for my job, as well as be able to go places and do things with people," said Klyce.

The clinic at Beverly Middle School went on as scheduled despite the snow.

"I'm relieved, because a lot of my friends got COVID, and they told me it's not very fun," said Klyce.

Even with the rough weather, the 200 shots available were going fast.

"We were concerned at first," said Beverly Superintendent Sue Charochak. "We had a lot of cancellations, we opened it up briefly for walk-ins, but we used all the ones we were scheduled to do."

The clinic was open to anyone, including kids in the 12-15 age range, who just became eligible for the booster.

"Mom wanted me to do it," said Nathan McPhail. "I wanted to do it on my own because it is good for the community and it helps protect people and myself."

The clinic was run by Cataldo Ambulance.

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