These 6 Mass. Colleges Are the Most Likely to ‘Perish,' Analysis Says

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Colleges and universities have a lot to think about as they sprint toward a fall semester that, for many, begins just a few short weeks from now. Revenue is expected to be down, it's unclear how many students will be coming back to campus (and pay for room and board), and many colleges were struggling financially long before the economic headwinds of the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts have predicted the closing of 10% to 20% of colleges, but a new analysis of higher education institutions goes a step further: It names names — and 24 Massachusetts colleges are on the list of those schools expected to "perish, struggle, survive or thrive."

Scott Galloway, a New York University marketing professor, is an outspoken critic of how higher education collectively has handled back-to-campus plans. In a blog post, he built a quadrant-style breakdown of 437 U.S. colleges and universities, detailing schools' value compared with their tuition and which ones are more or less vulnerable to Covid-19.

Read more in the Boston Business Journal.

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