Walmarts in Avon, Abington Temporarily Closed Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The temporary closures come after an employee at the Walmart in Quincy died of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus

Closed Walmart
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Two more Walmarts in Massachusetts have been temporarily closed after concerns of coronavirus, according to a company spokesperson.

As company officials monitor ongoing cases, Walmart announced Wednesday they have decided to close the store in Avon and the Abington location for a second time.

"While we followed our process at our Abington store, we have made the decision to close the store again to work with the health department to test our associates and others who work in the building. In Avon, we've seen the impact in the local community, which has also been felt in our store," read a statement from Walmart Boston-area Regional General Manager Eddie Bostic.

The temporary closures come after an employee at the Quincy location died of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and 10 others were sickened.

Two Massachusetts Walmarts have become coronavirus hot spots.

The store was shut down on Monday and remains closed for cleaning, company officials said. It is not expected to reopen until an inspection by city health officials.

The closures come as a Walmart in Worcester plans to reopen after more than 80 employees tested positive for COVID-19. The exact date of the reopening still hasn't been announced but company officials said the store has been professionally deep-cleaned.

Bostic said Walmart is taking the COVID-19 threat seriously and will continue to monitor each store.

"Walmart has always been a reflection of the communities it serves. During this unprecedented time across the Boston area, that reality has never been truer as we have worked to find an appropriate balance between supporting our associates and serving our customers while battling the effects of COVID-19," Bostic said.

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