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Some Workers Return to Offices, But Poll Shows Many Like Working From Home

Nearly 63% of workers said they want to work from home at least one day a week permanently, a Pioneer Institute study found

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Some workers in Massachusetts are returning to their offices this week under Gov. Charlie Baker's reopening plan, but a new study shows people would like to keep working from home.

The Pioneer Institute surveyed 700 people — most in Greater Boston — during the coronavirus pandemic and nearly 63% said they want to work at home at least one day a week on a permanent basis.

Around half of them said avoiding traffic was a big bonus, but around the same number miss seeing co-workers, the study found.

Workers also enjoy more flexibility with their schedules, but some admitted having a tough time focusing at home.

Andrew Mikula of the Pioneer institute is among those working from home and says he enjoys the flexibility with his schedule.

"I get to spend more time with my kids, pets, get to work in the garden and have breaks," he said.

It remains unclear how many people will actually return to office spaces Tuesday.

Baker's four-phased reopening plan outlines some restrictions, including a limit of 25% of the workforce allowed in offices at a time. Offices in Boston can start reopening June 1.

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