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Teen Dies After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The high school junior died Monday after complications during the procedure

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    Teen Dies After Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled

    A high school junior dies from complications of a common wisdom teeth extraction procedure. KARE's Chris Hrapsky reports. (Published Wednesday, June 17, 2015)

    A Minnesota teen who had her wisdom teeth extracted died after complications from the procedure, KARE, NBC's affiliate in Minneapolis reported.

    Sydney Galleger, 17, had just finished her junior year in high school. A captain of the dive team, the swimmer was considered healthy.

    However, last Tuesday, when she got her wisdom teeth removed, complications occurred. At the end of the surgery, Galleger's blood pressure rose and her heart rate dropped, her mother wrote, according to KARE. Galleger was given CPR and transferred to a hospital, where she experienced seizures and brain swelling. On Monday, she passed away.

    It's not clear what caused Galleger's death.

    According to a 2007 article in the American Journal of Public Health, each year about 5 million people get their wisdom teeth pulled out. Experts say the procedure requires anesthesia, which comes with inherent risks.