‘I Can't Believe He's Gone': Mother Mourns 17-Year-Old Shot to Death in Stoughton

Residents guided officers to the car where the 17-year-old victim was found, according to police

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A teenager was found mortally wounded in a car at an apartment complex in Stoughton, Massachusetts, Tuesday, police said, as the hunt for whoever shot the boy.

The 17-year-old, who wasn't known too police, was found shot in the driver's seat of the car but was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital, Stoughton police said at a news conference Tuesday evening.

Family members have identified the victim as Christian Vines of Randolph.

"I don't know much," said Vines' mother, Annette. "I just know that my son was killed."

She says Vines was a basketball player at Avon High School.

"I love my son," said his mother. "He was going to graduate Aug. 8 from Avon High School. I can't believe he's gone."

Witnesses said two people ran from the scene on foot, according to police, who were called to the scene about 3 p.m. Residents guided officers to the car where the victim was found.

Police said the two people who witnesses saw run from the scene are believed to have left the area.

"I'm scared now," said Evelyn Ramos, who lives at the condo complex. "We don't feel safe. It's a small community. We care for each other."

A 17-year-old boy was shot to death Tuesday in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

The Norfolk District Attorney's Office had earlier said its state police detectives joined in "an investigation into an apparent fatal shooting" with local police.

"We feel extremely sorry," said Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey. "Our heartfelt sympathy to the family that they've lost a loved one. We want to identify and find the people responsible."

It's unknown why Vines was at the condo complex, but police do not believe the attack was random.

"I just want people to speak," said Vines' mother. "If you know something, please say something. That's my baby, that's my baby."

A nearby public school, Jones School, was placed on lockdown, according to Stoughton Public Schools.

Police are searching for suspects in the murder of a teenager who was found shot in a car at an apartment complex in Stoughton, Massachusetts, Tuesday.

Police said officers worked to clear the building, though there was no known connection with the shooting and no definite threat. The school was dismissed after it was cleared.

Officers said in a Facebook post of the safety measure at the school, "we are not taking any chances."

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